Bailey White
"Harmonica Across Geogia"
Writer Bailey White has found a new way to pass the time while driving across her home state of Georgia.
All Things Considered, July 26, 1999 (5:00) (Real Media®)
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Grady County Georgia
Grady County Georgia

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2013

"A Fountain Of Snake"
In an annual tradition, writer Bailey White spins a fictional tale of love and life. This year's entry is about a woman dying of cancer who is attended to by a series of old boyfriends, each of whom contributes some sort of minor service. The story ends with a symbolic event at an old hollow tree in the woods, where a coiled snake meets a violent end.
All Things Considered, November 28, 2013 (10:34)

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Nothing with Strings
(NPR's Beloved Holiday Stories)

Mama Makes Up Her Mind

Mama Makes Up Her Mind
(And Other Dangers of Southern Living)

Sleeping at the Starlite Motel
(And Other Adventures on the Way Back Home)
Quite a Year For Plums

Quite a Year for Plums
Between Two Rivers Between Two Rivers
Stories from the Red Hills to the Gulf

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A Bailey White Thanksgiving

Selected Stories from NPR® read by Bailey White

Sleeping at the Starlite Motel

Sleeping at the Starlite Motel
(And Other Adventures on the Way Back Home)

An Interesting Live


An Interesting Life
 Selections from "Mama Makes up Her Mind"

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 Lost Parrot and Other Stories

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2012

"The Second Hand Or The Roach'"
A tale of home renovation and insects. Two women are living in an old house. One is in charge of doing the much-needed chimney and roof work, the other does the cooking and has a day job. There's tension as the renovations proceed slowly because the woman doing the construction work is stubborn and doesn't want outside help. White weaves in a parallel story about the cooking habits of an older neighbor. It's a funny and spirited examination of how people proceed to get things done, and a comment on doing one thing well at a time.

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2011

A a Florida painter who moved to Vermont, where he has trouble fitting in. At a neighbor's suggestion, he turns to raising turkeys..

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2010

"A Kind of Love" For NPR®s All Things Considered's annual Thanksgiving story, Bailey White writes about two elderly women who live together. The pair get into trouble one night when they recline in the backyard to look at the full moon, and they get stuck. They wind up there all night, rescued by the mailman in the morning. They find the story funny, but a relative gets concerned. Changes come to the women's lives and not all of them are welcome in the end.

Hear and read this essay as well as selected editions of Ms. White's other NPR® Thanksgiving day essays at NPR®s website.

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2009

"The Wedding Horse "
A tale about a life-changing relationship between a young house painter and an older woman
All Things Considered, November 26, 2009 (18:18)

Bailey White Thanksgiving - 2008

"A Thanksgiving Tradition with Bailey White"
Thanksgiving-2008 - For the past 17 years, Bailey White has shared her stories with All Things Considered on Thanksgiving Day. The former first grade teacher and avid gardener from southern Georgia continues the annual tradition by weaving a tale about a small town character and his dog. These stories have been collected in a book titled Nothing With Strings.
All Things Considered, November 27, 2008 (17:29)
Nothing with Strings - The Essay